Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome... anyone who has arrived here. I'm a 25 year old starting on her second year of an excellent job in the middle of a great city, living in a so-so apartment with a goofy boston terrier and a girl cat named Hank. More on all that later.

I'd been looking for a great starting point for this blog, and last night's dream proved to be just that. But first I'll catch everyone up on how I got here.

Three years ago at this time I was a newlywed (and a fresh college grad), in my first year of a pretty good job in a so-so town, living in a farmhouse with a great view. Little did I know that within the next year my world would be completely turned upside down by my grandfather's sudden death, and a string of bad choices made my my now ex-husband, that led to the end of our relationship. Not going to lie, I definitely layed low for a while. There was even a week or so during the worst of it that I camped out with my cell phone, a supply of mindless reading, and plenty of hot water in the clawfoot bathtub of my parent's house.

Mom: " doing ok in there?"
Me: "Yeah."
Mom: "You want anything to eat?"
Me: "No thanks. I've finished Harry Potter 2 and 3 today, can you see if you can get your hands on #4 for me?"

Nothing against Harry of course, but he did provide a nice escape from reality.

When the dust eventually settled, I started a new life, for me this life...take two. It was almost overwhelming at first that I didn't have to consult with a partner before making decisions or changing direction. I could have bought a house and painted it lime green, or hopped a flight to Taiwan to teach English. Instead, I left the farmhouse, the husband, and my previous job. I found a cozy apartment in a great city near my family and friends, and got a job at one of my dream companies. It has definitely been a long, strange journey, and it's been all mine.

Anyway, I'm getting to the point now that I can see it all spread out behind me, and the steps I've taken to get to the good place I'm at now.

Now, for the dream. My college boyfriend was really into Jungian Dream Analysis. When I told him I'd had these reoccurring dreams about loose and missing teeth in my mouth, he told me that tooth dreams mean change. In every one of these in the past, I was really embarrassed or scared (Hello...I'm missing teeth!). In last night's though, I got hit in the face with a ball, ended up at the dentist, and instead of crying or trying to hide it, I grabbed the tools from the dentist and fixed my own tooth.

Now, keep in mind that I'm not a complete believer in dream analysis. (Was that my subconscious or the pint of Ben and Jerry's I ate at midnight?) However, I do think it's interesting, and if I was, I would probably have to say that this one means that I'm taking control of my own change and not letting it dictate me. (I know...I know...I'm rolling my eyes at myself right now.) I'd say that's pretty accurate.

So again....welcome. Feel free to leave me thoughts, comments, etc, and stay tuned for more updates.
(photo courtesy riot jane)

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