Thursday, September 18, 2008

On the Road

So I'm starting my Fall Career Fair circuit for work. Part of my job is recruiting, and since I love my company it comes really easy. Anyway, this involves a lot...A LOT...of driving to various colleges in the region. I'm ok with driving though because it gives you tons of time to think, a change of scenery, and an opportunity to sing really loudly (and badly) to some sweet jams :). These things alone are enough to recharge me most times.

Anyway, feeling a little restless lately. It usually happens to me with the changing seasons. Fall in particular, because of the current lack of change that I had previously been used to at this time of year. By that I mean school. For 17 of my 25 years fall meant new clothes, school supplies, new teachers, a change of pace. Now it's usually more of the same with a forecast of additional similarity on the horizon. I feel like I should be ripping the plastic off a brand new pack of yellow #2 pencils, or breaking in a new backpack with still stiff shoulder straps.

Still, good things come with living the adult life. A lack of homework in general, for instance. Now if I do it, it's by choice, and part of something bigger. Way more satisfying. I still have nightmares occasionally that I'm taking a test that I don't know the answers to (*shudder*). That stuff is scarring.

In other news, after an 11:00pm run to the emergency vet on Saturday, the dog is doing much, much better. Some kind of unidentified infection made his temperature spike way up, but all is well now. He's back to napping, butt sniffing, and all of his other important dog stuff.
(photo courtesy Joseph S.)

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