Monday, February 22, 2010

February Flop

I remember reading back through my archives a couple of weeks ago and thinking of my previous late February posts, "Wow, what was up with me last year?" I mean, yeah winter is long and kind of boring, but I sounded downright pitiful.

Welcome to the end of February. Once again I find myself tired, cranky, wanting to get some exercise, wanting to start some projects, wanting to deep clean my house, but having exactly a zero motivation to do so.

Wanna know what I do have motivation to do? Sit on my couch under a blanket, knit, and watch the Olympics. Watching their superhuman feats and streamlined muscles makes me feel slightly fitter by association. Until, that is, I scuff across the wood floors to grab another sliver of brownie from the kitchen, and immediately back to my preheated spot. My kryptonite? Add a purring cat climbing into my lap and I may as well settle in for a few hours.

Uggh. I'm so...blah.

Apparently everyone else is too because I've seen a rash of How to Be Happy type articles. Even though I'm not in New York I rather enjoyed the recent 50 Steps to Simple Happiness article in the Times. Some of the ideas, totally doable. Some of the others, not so much for this KC girl, but the thought of being fabulous in New York did perk me up a bit.

In other news, my February Lady Sweater is coming along. I'm trying to knit it for the Ravelympics, which means I've got from the Olympic opening ceremony to the closing (6 more days, YIKES!) to complete a project. Must. Keep. Knitting.


Liz @ McFargan: A Midwestern Matrimony said...

C -

February does this to me, too. When will spring come?


--C said...

Soon I hope! I need some sunshine in a bad way!