Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I'll admit that I'm kind of obsessed with Etsy. It's like Ebay for the art freak. I love the idea that the items on there are one of a kind, I love supporting small artists, and I LOVE the home decor stuff I find so often for such great prices. I am going to have the sweetest, most hipster pad in soon as I am an official "Pad Owner" that is.

That's actually a goal for this year, a resolution if you will, even though I hate those. I guess I should start a list.....

1. Buy an awesome house of my own and stop throwing money away on rent
A couple of weeks ago I found this great little poster on Etsy at dazeychic's shop and felt that it should become my mantra:

LOVE!! That's also going to be another resolution for happy. I don't mean fake happy or happy at the expense of others, but feel-it-in-the-gut, noticing-the-small-but-beautiful-things-in-life, good-for-me kind of happy.

2. Be so happy that people ask who your facialist is because you look that radiantly good

I don't have a facialist by the way. Also, facials would eat into the money that is being stockpiled for Resolution #1, and that would not in the end make me happy. Things that are currently making me happy: listening to new music bought with an ITunes gift card from Christmas, my dog snoring next to me on the couch, daylight hours are finally getting longer again, and the leftover cheesecake from a night out with the girls I'm munching on (*mmm*).

I should probably also add to my list:

3. Post more frequently to your blog, silly

Last post was in...OCTOBER?!? Definitely #3...oops...

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Jacks1740 said...

Great resolutions!

By the way, the main picture on your blog? Love it.