Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back on the...sneakers?

I've been procrastinating for months. I know...I'm on a marathon relay team is depending on me.'s been really hot. I've been doing a lot of other stuff. I'm going to start later in the week. There's always later in the week.

Today is the day, though, to get back on the horse, or the running shoes. My marathon team is complete. There's no what ifs.

I even agreed to do a 5K with my Dad three weeks prior for some additional motivation. I emailed him about it today and he sounds really excited. Not going to lie, I'm pretty excited too. Doing something like this with my Dad, that's good for both of us, that we both have to work for, makes me feel really good.

That little extra push got me going. I started small, but I started. It's pretty steamy today, and I didn't get an opportunity until late, but I did it. First half-mile down, and many more to go.

(photo courtesy timtak)


Jacks1740 said...

Ahhhh. Ok me too. Next week I'm going to start. And it's going to be amazing.

Can I tell you how much it helped that you started with a half mile? That made me feel so much better!

--C said...

Haha! Whatever gets you going right ;)

Dionne said...

Dang you are dedicated. I am sooo hopeless at running - I am clumsy and trip and doubt I could even run a marathon or halfy!

Those shoes are so cute!