Tuesday, July 7, 2009

...Stilt-Walking Skills...

The BF and I had a very fun three-day break this past weekend. Among other things I got the opportunity to show off my stellar stilt-walking skills.

What? You say you can't walk on stilts at all?

That's too bad because I AM AWESOME AT IT.

The BF, being the stilt newbie that he is, gave a valiant effort. He was up...

...and then he was down.

Don't worry BF, THEEEZ SKILLZ are years in the making. Stilt-walking like this does not happen overnight. Also, I'm naturally gifted with the ability to balance on tiny wooden platforms...in flip flops, nonetheless...pssssh.

(**note: I can only gloat like this because the dear BF has skills superior to mine in virtually every other arena. But not stilts, because I am the winner.**)


My Cancer Scoreboard said...

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Nem said...

Girrrrrl...you gots mad stilts skills! My uncle made us stilts when we were little and we used them all the time...thanks for the trip down memory lane!