Thursday, July 16, 2009


Maybe I'm being a giant weenie, but I'm a little scared today. I went to the doctor this morning after having my second round of pretty nasty heartburn. The first time around it lasted about three months, and once I started Nexium it was gone in three days! Awesome, awesome stuff. Anyway, eventually I was able to go off, and stay off the meds for about four months. It came back a couple of months ago, and nothing is really getting rid of it this time.

My doctor told me today that...(gulp)...I need to get an upper GI endoscopy next week.

For those of you that (like me) don't really know what that means, let me tell you. While you are sedated and numbed up they put a tiny camera in a tube DOWN YOUR THROAT and all the way INTO YOUR STOMACH! Yikes!! Reportedly this doesn't hurt and you really don't remember anything afterward. Did I mention that I have to SWALLOW A CAMERA!!

Ok, ok, now I am being a weenie. Honestly, I think other than the unknown of what this will feel like (supposedly not uncomfortable) I think I am most scared of is the needles part.

Uuuugh. I get squirmy just thinking about it.

I suppose that unless I want to try this without sedation (no thanks) I'm going to have to get over it and be brave.

Anyway, think happy thoughts for me that they find the cause of all this and it's easily fixable. Oh yeah, and that I don't gag all over myself or have a total freak out. Eeeeeeeee..........

Leave me some love. Please?

(photo courtesy bredgur)

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Jacks1740 said...

Please let me know as soon as it is scheduled. And of course let me know if you need anything.

You'll be great, it will be just fine :)