Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Lately I'm eating pretty much whatever I want on the weekends, and not going to lie, it's all been really delicious. I don't feel totally horrible about this since I usually keep it healthy during the week. Also, I am lazy, so it's not unusual for me to eat a bowl of Cheerios for dinner. I figure that this allows me to live it up a little more on the weekends. Maybe.

The following is a rundown of new and old favs that I've been noshing.

1.) Korma Sutra - Chicken Korma

Old fav but sooo delicious. Yummy white meat chicken chunks in a delish coconutty curry sauce over rice. I love that they give you all the extras (starters of crackers and chutneys and unknown ball of fried deliciousness; with mango ice cream, rice pudding, additional sweet balls of fried deliciousness, and homemade chai for dessert) that really make dining out an experience. The portions are huge so I always have leftovers the next day, and the naan is a must try. I'm getting my fix right now because it's a lot harder to step out of the air conditioning into 100 degree heat with a belly full of indian food.

2.) Blanc Burger and Bottle- The Classic Burger

Another old fav. I've not been disappointed with any burger I've had there (turkey, lentil, Kobe, meatloaf, pork) but just finally tried the Classic recently. It was everything a great burger should be; juicy, beefy, perfectly seasoned...mmm. Sadly, I only made it through about half of this monster before I had to throw in the towel. I always have trouble deciding between sweet potato fries and onion rings, and between flavors of Izzy Sparkling Juice. Have not had a milkshake yet, but it's on my list for upcoming visits.

3.) Sheridan's - Chocolate Mousse Pothole

Strangely the BF and I tried this when we were having an ice cream craving in the middle of a blizzard, (the snow variety, not the DQ) and it was heavenly. We've since shared another one. It's vanilla frozen custard with chocolate chips, and a column of chocolate mousse that runs through the center. After writing this I really want one...right now...

4.) The Classic Cookie - Belgian Waffle with Fruit

I've tried numerous brunch options at this place and have loved every one of them. I used to rotate between the breakfast sandwich with fruit, the yogurt parfait with a muffin, and the breakfast burrito. I've been in a decidedly un-eggy mood lately though and decided to mix it up a little. The waffle is crispy and golden on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and not overly sweet. It's topped with fresh blueberries and sliced bananas and served with a side of butter and syrup. It's huge, so I can never finish it, but still end up sneaking a bite of the BF's bacon, which is also delicious. A Classic Cookie brunch is never complete without a cookie for the road. My favorite is the ginger, but I've also loved every other option I've tried including chocolate peanutbutter, chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and peanutbutter.

In other gluttonous news: Murray's Ice Cream in Westport reopens this weekend after it's winter hibernation (**...and the heavens above opened and spilled light upon the Murray's patrons, the angels sang on high, and it was good**) FINALLY!!

(Photo courtesy waldo oiseau)


Jacks1740 said...

Ahhh. I love all of these places. You're making me want to go on a crazy binge.

PS. Milkshakes at Blanc are divine. I would suggest sharing though, they're huge!

Jason Cowan said...

After reading this, I came to and realized I've been eating my Dwight Schrute Bobblehead.