Monday, April 27, 2009

Not So Delightful

Got a free mini-sized Betty Crocker Warm Delights sample in the mail and was pretty stoked. I'm kind of a dessert fiend, and have yet to be dissapointed by anything called "Hot Fudge Brownie" in my life.

I opened the package and made it while I was on the phone with my friend Tyler tonight. Inside was a small, black plastic bowl; a tiny package of brown powder (brownie mix) and a foil packet of hot fudge. The instructions were easy enough. First, pour brownie powder in bowl and mix with one tablespoon water. I did this and noticed that it didn't make much, but assumed it would rise when cooking. Second, squeeze contents of hot fudge packet on top of brownie. Finally, microwave for 30 seconds, or until the top of the brownie looks dry. I followed the directions (which would have been pretty tough to mess up) and indeed the brownie did grow in the microwave to almost fill the bowl.

I took it out a few seconds early, and immediately started munching.

Apparently my idea of "dry" is not Betty's because, while the spoonfuls with lots of hot fudge were ok, the other bites tasted a little like chocolate flavored styrofoam. It was too dry with a bit too lightweight of a consistency to even start to resemble that of a chewy brownie. Still, it was free, and it was chocolate so I ate most of it.

In all, I would never actually buy one, and looking back, I'm kind of concerned as to how a tiny packed of powder and water somehow formed a puffy block of cake in less than a minute of microwaving. For real...what did I just eat. Oh Betty, stick to what you do best--delicious canned frostings and Bisquick pancakes.

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Jacks1740 said...

Eeeee. Good to know, thanks for the warning. I have contemplated buying those before, but never again.