Friday, April 10, 2009

Opening Day

Welcome back Royals, I've missed you.

Opening day is always exciting for me. You've got the newspaper guys decked out in blue on all the corners downtown, spring is here for real, and a hotdog with a handful of peanuts becomes an acceptable dinner once again, best eaten in the sweltering heat with your legs stuck to a blue, plastic seat.

I'm a Kansas City native, and will always be a Royals fan. I don't care that they haven't seen a world series in 24 years. I don't care at all. I love them, I love the stadium, I love the hot dog races and the shouting vendors. I love it all.

So dig out that royal blue gear, and make your way to the K (and yes, even pay the outrageous parking, because it's worth it). Cheer for the home team, and for goodness sakes, stop wearing your Chiefs jersey to the game. This is baseball, son...have a little respect.

(Photos courtesy cleverswine and jereandreagan)


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Jacks1740 said...

This makes me a little sad that I'm not going to opening day. The rain kind of makes me feel better though.

Condiment races are my favorite! Gooooooooooo Relish!