Wednesday, June 10, 2009

UHP: Photo Update!

The plants are growing like, well I'd say weeds, but that just seems inappropriate.

I did manage to grab a few photos in between thunderstorms yesterday. I feel a little like a proud mother.

Here's my tomato. Check those yellow blossoms! Ripe, red tomatoes are on their way!

This is one of the herb planters. Clockwise from the top I've got chives in the back, basil off the right side, rosemary in the front, a tiny sprig of sage that's hanging on to the left and in the middle the mint that's BLOWING UP! I've been putting a few sprigs of mint in with the tea bags and sugar before pouring the boiling water over it for sweet tea. Mmmm!

Here's a big, beautiful lavender blossom with some long, lanky dill in the background. I'm going to try to make some lavender chocolate chip cookies similar to the one's at Eden Alley Cafe.

Here are my accidental squash from "The Butternut Incident" . They're still in their pots on the porch for a couple more days. You can probably see the white shoot that stretches off the bottom of the page. They're really starting to reach out and grab on to surrounding ground, so I need to get them planted in their permanent home in the yard this weekend. I think the trick is going to be keeping the critters from eating any blossoms off once they're planted. I can't necessarily put up a big fence or even temporary chicken wiring in the yard around it, so not really sure how to handle this. Any suggestions?

Here's a horribly blurry photo of the melons in my egg planters because (**CRASH**) thunder and lightning!!

It was looking pretty ominous so I headed in, and sure enough, the downpour hit a couple of minutes later.

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