Friday, February 6, 2009

Caution Zombies Ahead!

Good thing the BF got a copy of The Zombie Survival Guide for Christmas so he knows how to keep us safe!

Pranksters across the country have posted various "creative" warning messages on DOT roadsigns, following a post on Jalopnik called How to Hack An Electronic Road Sign. The site says "DO NOT under any circumstances run around hacking into electronic road signs using the information contained in this step-by-step guide of how to transmit hilarious messages to passing motorists." ...right before giving explicit instructions on how to do so.

Jalopnik followed up with We Told You Not To Hack the Electronic Road Signs, Didn't We? a day later with a link to some Today Show footage showing the carnage of roadsigns in several states.

So far these warning messages have showed up in Collinsville Ill., Austin, and Indianapolis, with I'm sure more to follow until the DOT makes signs less hacker-friendly.

Listen to a clip on this from NPR's Morning Edition here.

(photo via NY Daily News)

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