Monday, February 9, 2009

Let's Hear It for the Boyz

The web is buzzing this morning over last night's 51st Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony. There are about a gazillion posts covering ladies fashion at last night's events, but I'd like to give the guys a little love with my very own Adult Life: Take Two's Men of the Grammys 2009.

**Disclaimer: This is but a small blog and I'm going to have to link to everything since it is all**

Coldplay: I love you guys, and I loved these Sgt. Pepperesque outfits for the tour, but for the red carpet?? I would have really liked to see them in suits, but they're so rad they can almost pull it off.

L.L. Cool J: Ladies may love you, but are you working your golf caddy gig after the show?

T-Pain: One word--FAIL!

Death Cab for Cutie: You have totally pulled off the "indie band at an awards show" with excellence. You are not color coordinated or too matchy, you look hip, but not disrespectful, with just a tinge of rumpledness and slightly messy-but-done hair. Perfect!

John Mayer: I usually love your fashion choices, but tonight's outfit screams anime hero to me. Too shiny, too dark, and the mandarin collar is goofy.

The Jonas Brothers: You all look a little silly to me at 26, but if I was 15 I would love you.

Dave Grohl: I don't know what exactly the motivation was, but you are Dave Grohl and you could look cool in a plastic sack.

Jason Mraz: I like that you broke out of the "black" box with your grey suit, and added a little color with the shirt and tie, but did you really have to wear the woven hat?

Ne-Yo: You on the other hand pulled the hat off completely. I love the ascot tie.

Robert Plant: You are a rock icon and you swept the awards, so you can pretty much get away with anything. This is one instance that the tshirt/jacket combo actually seems to work.

And my best dressed male pick, Jay-Z: Everything about this is good. Classic black and white, it all fits perfectly, and he looks overall super-polished.

(Photo courtesy ericrichardson)

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