Thursday, February 19, 2009

On the Road...Again...

Sorry for the lapse in postings this week. I've started my spring career fair circuit and have been preparing for and on the road a ton.

It's nice to be out of the office for a bit, but the Missouri highways can get a little dull after the first hour in the car alone. I've been using a ton of cell phone minutes, singing along to some sweet tunes, and honking my horn just to hear it on deserted strips of highway. (*MEEEEEP!*)

Can I also just say, thank goodness for iTunes movie rentals and my sweet, sweet iPod. Plug in and's like having a little surround sound theater in my car.

My first career fair was a little bittersweet this round, though. Most events I attend are sponsored by universities, and I love working with college students. They're always so excited and kind of sweetly naiive about the working world. They're about to get a degree and have all the options in the world spread out before them.

In light of the recent economic situation, however, you can see something else that I haven't seen before...worry, concern, doubt. It would be really scary to be trying to get your very first real job when all you hear about every day are how few jobs are available, and they're getting less and less every day.

On a different note, apparently I need to take lessons from the military recruiters. I always watch them snag people right and left and wonder how they do it. I sat right across from the Marine guys yesterday and still couldn't figure out their secret.

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