Monday, February 2, 2009

Almost Sprung

The groundhog saw his shadow today...sadly :(. Oh well, the end is in sight.

In my family, quirky as this is, one of the surest signs spring was on it's way is that you start noticing that the skunks are emerging from hibernation (usually seen in the form of roadkill, yuck!). Laugh if you will, but it's always true!

Anyway, Spring hasn't quite sprung yet as the skunks are still napping, however I noticed another promising (and less stinky) sign of it's approach this weekend in the form of SANDALS DISPLAYS AT NORDSTROMS!! I nearly swooned.

Having the promise of those pretty, strappy shoes makes it a lot easier to hear that after being 60 degrees on Saturday, we're looking at another week in the teens. Blech! So for a brief but therapeutic time, I parked myself in the women's shoes, peeled off my leather boots and fuzzy winter socks, tried fairly unsuccessfully to hide my gross non-pedicured winter toes, and ogled (and even tried on) some of these:

Steve Madden: "Lukas"

Linea Paolo: "Angelique"
Eric Michael: "Helen"
Born: "Begonia"

Kate Spade: "Grace"

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