Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine '09

Valentine's Day is almost upon us! For those of you who aren't exactly on top of things and still need something sweet for your sweetie, check out some of my Valentine's Day '09 picks:

1.) A tiny Valentine from World's Smallest Postal Service.

2.) A customized guitar pick from JcJeweleryDesign

3.) Some Christopher Elbow Chocolates (the first time I got some I almost couldn't eat them because they are so pretty!)

4.) This sweet poster from ReForm School

5.) This envelope secret necklace from Zare

6.) "Friday I'm In Love" tee from Threadless

(** Note to the BF: This does not mean that you are getting any of this stuff so stop trying to guess, mister!**)

1 comment:

Jason Cowan said...

I beg your pardon? :P (this news secretly saddens me.)