Friday, January 30, 2009

I think I'll go to Austin

While I really do love Kansas City, and it actually does have it's very own special hipster factor, there are a few cities I DREAM of living in because of their undeniable, gigantor hipness. Austin, TX is one of those.

Not only is there a great music (Austin City Limits, hello ?) and art scene, but there are tons of little quirky things to explore.

I discovered The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema while browsing all things Austin on the web the other day, and I think I'm in love. Let me lay this out for's both a sweet, arthouse movie theater, AND a restaurant where you can eat during the movie. The downtown, or Alamo Ritz, location (as there are several) in particular seems to have a lot of cool, and often themed, stuff going on.

The thing that won me over completely, is that on select Saturday mornings they host a SATURDAY MORNING CARTOON CEREAL PARTY. Your ten dollar ticket buys you 2.5 hours of classic 80's cartoon viewing (we're talking Ghostbusters, She-Ra, ThunderCats, and Care Bears) AAAAAANNND ALL YOU CAN EAT OF 50 KINDS OF CEREAL!! Mmmmm.... *sigh*

Heaven, thy name is Alamo...

(Photos courtesy Katie Spence and Pacfolly)

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