Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Audacity of Soap?

I'm all about some good bar soap. However, I found a new product today that, while I'm sure it serves it's purpose well, I'm a little hesitant about.

The product in question: The Obama Bar. You heard me right, there is a bath bar in honor of our 44th president. True, I giggled a bit at slogans for the different scents like "United We Scrub!" and "Cleans Lipstick Off a Pig!!" I'm all about the natural ingredients and supporting worthwhile charities, but not sure I'm entirely comfortable with producers commercializing our nation's leader in this way.
Not to come down singly on the Obama Bar people too hard (because frankly your marketing is pretty genius and your product seems pretty wholesome), but I think we may be getting a bit numbed by the huge fascination with celebrities and public figures. After all, this isn't a tarty pop star, or hot young actor we're selling, but a man we've entrusted with the future of our country. I just have to think, today it may be harmless soap, but where will his image be used next?

Gone are the days of reverent respect for our elected leaders, and frankly that makes me a little bit sad. True, some of our leaders could conduct themselves in ways more fitting of high level decision makers, but do any past or present deserve to be plastered on less than flattering greeting cards, made into dog toys, or molded into cheap Halloween masks? At what point are first family members unfairly dragged into the frenzy?

Maybe some use the image as a way of paying homage rather than mockery, but I feel like the line there is so fine and easily crossed that it should probably just be left alone to begin with.

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