Monday, January 12, 2009

Desperately Wanting

Well, maybe desperate is way overdramatic, but definitely have redecorating on the mind today after having seen tons of great stuff out-and-about and on the internet over the weekend. I think it's this dull time of year, post-Christmas/pre-Spring that leaves me looking for something fresh. Though I can't afford all of this stuff, a girl can dream....

This bedding is in the window display at Pottery Barn right now.

I actually climbed into the display to feel it :). It was AMAZING. It actually looks even better in person if that's possible.

Also saw this chair there and loved it.

There is no way I could ever hide these great measuring cups from Anthropologie in a drawer.

I found this classic dinnerware on sale at Target and am still debating going back to get it. So great for everyday, but also easy to mix and match with. Need it? No. Want it? Umm...yeah.

Saw this bakeware at Kmart a while back and couldn't believe how cute it is...and totally reasonably priced.

...and lastly these too cute prints from dazeychic's Etsy store. The set is called "I Love Your Utensils." (*sigh*).

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