Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Stuff that Dreams Are Made Of.... apparently beef and cheese on a toasty bun. Do not adjust your computer screen. This is actually exactly what it looks like, and yes, it's real.

The Hamburger Bed's owner and creator, Kayla Kromer of Austin, Texas made it in honor of her favorite food. On The Hamburger Bed facebook page (yes, it has one), Kromer says that the bed was inspired by her love of burgers, and the movie Hamburger. It measures eight feet in diameter and is three feet high and features lettuce sheets, a cheese quilt, and pickle and tomato pillows. Kromer also say that "It is the most comfortable bed I have ever owned... ever."

I'm sure it is.

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Jacks1740 said...

This picture actually completely freaks me out. I'm pretty sure that hamburger is eating him.